About EHO

EHO: Pharmacy Benefit Management Specialists

Using technology and exceptional customer support to manage Rx benefit programs while controlling plan costs

Established in 1993, EHO is an experienced Pharmacy Benefit Manager located in Belton, TX. EHO utilizes its internal PBM360™ claims processing platform to adjudicate pharmacy claims on behalf of its clients and offers exceptional customer service. The company understands the specific needs of high-touch segments in the healthcare industry including self funded, hospice, workers’ compensation, and correctional clients. With rising drug costs, higher prescription claim volumes, and changing reimbursement dynamics, many plans struggle to find effective ways to manage costs.  EHO provides innovative solutions to help.

While larger PBMs are inflexible to meet the needs of small- and middle-market clients, and smaller PBMs lack their own claims processors and the scale needed for competitive pricing rates and services, EHO is the right size to offer effective, flexible solutions to its clients. EHO has simplified the process for its clients to make decisions leading to greater cost-control, improved outcomes, and increased client and patient satisfaction. These benefits are achieved through a continuous review of cost-savings opportunities throughout the benefit management process.

What makes EHO different?

Coordination of Benefits
By actively monitoring coordination of pharmaceutical benefits for those patients with more than one source of coverage, EHO reduces costs for its clients.

Immediate Updates
A simple call to request changes will deliver immediate results.  EHO’s live 24/7 help desk actively makes changes while you are on the phone with us. There is no delay in adding new employees or terminating employees.

Human Intervention
EHO has a policy to review a significantly larger number of claims than others by establishing a low dollar threshold amount to triggers standard review. This step enables EHO to apply human logic to the adjudication process while considering both the clinical and financial implications. Human intervention allows EHO to identify issues that a system might ignore, helping reduce costs to the plan while improving patient outcomes. EHO keeps an extensive notes database that tracks actions taken on every member and process.

Lower Costs
EHO believes in taking advantage of every opportunity to generate cost savings for its clients, no matter how small each incident may be. EHO is known as an industry leader in providing the lowest prescription cost to its providers.

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