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Concerned About Convenient Pharmacy Locations to Fill Prescriptions?

Trust EHO’s pharmacy network of 65,000 major chain and independent pharmacies nationwide

EHO has created and manages a national pharmacy network with more than 65,000 pharmacies. The EHO national pharmacy network includes major pharmacy chains, such as CVS and Walgreens, and numerous independent pharmacies. EHO is agnostic when it comes to specialty pharmacy and mail order providers leaving that decision to the client. If the customer does not have a specialty pharmacy or mail order pharmacy preference, EHO will recommend several options within its network. If any pharmacy (retail, specialty or mail order) is not contracted within its network, EHO can easily add any client-recommended pharmacy to its growing network.

EHO Maintains Pricing Transparency

EHO is committed to providing pharmacies in its national network with fair and transparent drug reimbursement. To better understand a pharmacy’s drug acquisition cost and set appropriate reimbursement, EHO uses the industry pricing benchmark Predictive Acquisition Cost® (PAC)

Through the use of a multi-tiered predictive analytics model, the PAC estimates a pharmacy’s drug acquisition cost and is more closely aligned with true drug acquisition cost than any other price benchmark in the industry. By including PAC in its price setting process, EHO drives value for its national pharmacy network in three critical areas:

EHO quickly addresses drug price movement in the market, ensuring pharmacies are not reimbursed below acceptable drug acquisition costs.

Network Relations
By continuously monitoring drug acquisition costs and removing “under water” situations, EHO significantly reduces pharmacy appeals.

PAC provides a foundation for EHO to set fair reimbursement and a way for the pharmacy to clearly understand how and why EHO has set reimbursement.


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Pharmacy Credentialing

EHO makes adding your pharmacy to our network easy with our secure, online form submission.  Please access the 2-part application using the link provided below.  You must complete both parts to be credentialed. Once you have finished part 1, we will send you a link via email to access part 2, where you can upload any necessary supporting documentation.

Credentialing Part 1:
Pharmacy Information Form